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Throughout May, the focus is on holidays, travel and everything that belongs to it!
Enjoy fantastic deals and exciting events and be inspired – your next vacation is waiting for you!

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Offers week 24 og 25:



-50% av ordinary prices in the whole store 


All sport

Giant Entour Elsykkel NOW 15.999,- Before 30.000,-

Lots of Gore-Tex jackets -60% of ordinary price

Lots of Didrikson -70% of ordinary price

ALL Diadorashoes -50% of ordinary price



Quantities of samples

Shell jacket children in multple colors NOW 399,- Before 550,-

School bags 24 and 32 Litres NOW 199,- Before 800,-



ALL pumps og pens  -50% of ordinary prices


Björn Borg

Up to -60% of ordinary prices on ALL womens clothes


Bjørklund Lifestyle

ALL TOM HOPE bracelets (Silver, rose og gold gilt)
NOW 149,- Before up to 698,-     

 ALLE caps (Nixon, Brixton, Vans og Tommy Hilfiger)
NOW 149,- Before up to 499,-      

Inex klokke with 14K gold gold becel (Ladies and gentlemen)
NOW 999,- Ordinary price 2999,-    

Citizen eco drive watch with black leather strap (Mens)
NOW 999,- Ordinary price 1998,-      

Gold earrings with diamonds and ametyst
NOW 1399,- Ordinary price 2998,-     



Up to -50% of ordinary prices on lots of merchandise


Boys of Europe

ALL SHORTS -40% of ordinary prices


Bruun & Stengade

ALL shirts 399,- 2 for 700,-

Dress 1499,-

Trousers 399,-/499,-

Blazers 999,-


Companys Outlet

Buy 2, get -20% extra

Buy 3, get -30% extra

Buy 4, get -40% extra

Buy 5, get -50% extra*

*of ordinary prices



-50% of ordinary prices in the WHOLE store



Breeze series for kids, women and men -50% of ordinary prices

-50% of ordinary prices on the WHOLE running series for women and men



-30% of ordinary prices on selected items



-50% on the second pair

*Not on News




Buy a suit for -50% of ordinary prices, get optional Vannucci shirt and tie

NOW 2750,- Before 6297,-

ALL outer jackets -60% of ordinary prices



-60% of ordinary prices on mens wear

-50% of ordinary prices on womens wear


Gerry Weber

-50% of ordinary prices in the WHOLE store



Up to -50% of ordinary prices on lots of items 



-70% of ordinary prices on lots of items


Helly Hansen

ALL Shoes -50% of ordinary prices

-60% of ordinary prices on ALL bags


Home & Cook

-40% of ordinary prices on ALL Cookware



-50%* of ordinary prices in the WHOLE store 
*Does not apply to Daniel Wellington, Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren 

Selected items -70% of ordinary prices

Selected dresses 2000,- Before up to 6000,-

Selected blazers 1000,- Before up to 5000,-


Kari Traa

Type summer wool -50% of ordinary prices

-50% of ordinary prices on winter textil and ski helmets 


Le Creuset

All 6 pack rainbow set -50% on ordinary prices
*Available in several models

Lots of items up to -60% on ordinary prices



ALL sweats -50% on ordinary prices



Lots of tops NOW from 150,- Before up to 649,-

Lots of Jeans NOW from 350,- Before up to 1299,-

Lots of accessories NOW from 50,- Before up to 389,-



-50% on ordinary prices on swimwear for ladies and gentlemen 

Towles NOW 450,- Before 795,-


Lille Vinkel Sko

-10% of the outlet price in the WHOLE store 



BACK WALL -50% of the red price 



Svalbard Flex1 pants for ladies and med
NOW 899,- Before 1899,-

Bitihorn aero100 Jacket
NOW 699,-  Before 1899,-
*Available in multiple colors 


Peak Performance

-60% of ordinary prices on mens wear

-50% of ordinary prices on womens wear


Polarn o Pyret

Summer jackets
NOW 250,- Before up to 899,-

Kawat bath shoe
NOW 99,- Before 199,-



Up to -70% off on EVERYTHING in the store 



-50% off ordinary prices in the WHOLE store



Large party of Arc`teryx ladies and men -60% on ordinary prices 

Large party of shoes up to -60% on ordinary prices


Scotch & Soda

ALL items in the store

-30% on ordinary prices
*Does not apply to NOOS/Barfly



BACK WALL Up to -70% on ordinary prices



Shorts for men and women NOW 299,- Before 699,-

Shorts for kids 1-7 year NOW 149,- Before 299,-

Wind and water proof jacket for ladies and men NOW 599,- Before 999,-



-30% on ordinary prices on ALL outer jackets



-60% on ordinary prices on ALL Rollers from Swix
*as far as inventory reaches



-70% on ordinary prices on lots of items



-50% on ordinary prices on ALL rainwear



-50% up to -70% on ordinary prices on ALL shoes