We are looking for an outgoing sports enthusiastic gear!
- You love snow and skiing / snowboarding.
- You have some experience with cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, running and outdoor life.
- You are a very outgoing person and are confident in yourself.
- You're not afraid of challenges.
- You are good at advocating for you.
"You are naturally positive and hate surmuling and back talk.
- You want a fun job that you intend to have a while.
- You have spinal cord, bones in your nose and are not afraid to take a cot.
"You're enjoying yourself at high pace and pressure, and with many balls in the air.
"Achieving results with others gives you energy.
We are looking for one of the roughest sellers we can get.
Is this you? Or at least in part, we hope you send us an application!
What we offer:
- Good wage
- An exciting workplace with lots of challenges and a lot to learn
- Nice work colleagues and good atmosphere
- Some perks
- The best reference in the workplace you can get if you
deserves it!
- Work with the coolest products in the sports industry
Allsport AS is a freelance sports shop at Norwegian Outlet in Vestby. The store negotiates a wide range of sports and has the widest range of equipment and brands. We place great emphasis on expertise and wish to be a professional trader. The store started in 2012. Our focus areas are skiing, fresh air, and racing. But also sells everything from swimwear, cycling to sunglasses.
Applications must be sent to
For questions: 45056473