We are looking for 2 service minded and flexible extras, who like to sell quality products.
It is important for us to identify you with the Lexington and The New England style that our products are inspired by.

* You should be over 20 years

* Provide top service and show that you understand the customer

* You focus the customer and create a good shopping experience

* Help the store to be attractive and inspiring at all times

* You take initiative and get things done

* You have a lot of energy and a smile that infects

* There will sometimes be some warehousing

* You can expect a good working environment, good colleagues and good training

As an extra help, you must be flexible and
available for both morning and evening guards. Our assistant works 1-2 guards on weekdays, as well as 2 Saturdays per month. In high season like summer and christmas, as well as other activities at the center, we need further help.

Please come to the store with a short application with CV and picture, or send us an application to mari.pedersen@lexingtoncompany.com

We hope to hear from you!

Contact person:

Mari S. Pedersen

Phone 64954090