HOLIDAY check list


Monday 10 June 2019

The holiday fever kicks in, but what are you going to pack with you on a trip? Putting together a functional holiday wardrobe that is both trendy and versatile is not always easy.

Here you have the package list and smart tips before packing your luggage!

semester oslo

  • Invest in a good hand luggage: a functional wheelchair or a good bag is worth gold when traveling around airports with a thousand other things in hand. And in the hand luggage you may have the most valuable things you will certainly not lose.
  • Basic clothing: Simple and solid color uppers always come in handy and can be combined into several garments such as denim, neon, leather or animal print. And come along as well to both the day's activities and the evening.
  • Sunglasses, Hat / Caps and Sunscreen: Remember to protect yourself from the sun! Being sunburned is the last thing you want on vacation! Also, some cool shades and a trendy hat can pinch the outfits.
    semester oslo 2
  • Shoes: Sneakers, Heels, Sandals or All Variants? Shoes are perhaps the most challenging to pack, it takes a lot of space and often you don't get everything used. One of each variety holds and goes for the most comfortable which takes you straight from shopping and on to the cloud bar.
  • Swimwear and towel: Bikini, swimsuit and bathing shorts, what is better than getting on the beach with a fresh and new "beachwear"? And don't forget a simple "cover up dress" that you can quickly put on the go.
  • Accessories: Jewelry always comes in handy and makes your outfit complete. Even a basic garment will look good on the city with the right accessories.
  • Bag: A bag keeps track of your valuables, or maybe you're going for a classy suitcase that's in the wind right now?
    väska oslo
  • Toilet Case: This and all that is up there is a must for most people. What you pack in this will be your own thing!

And not to forget:

Passport, currency, travel insurance, drugs and mobile phone!


Good trip!