Press release

Norwegian outlet Vestby now becomes Oslo Fashion Outlet


Monday 27 August 2018

Norwegian Outlet Vestby changes name to Oslo Fashion Outlet and welcomes new Centre Manager

Vestby, August 27th – The UK based company VIA Outlets, which acquired Norwegian Outlet Vestby last year, have clear plans on how to further develop its success in Norway. Step one, rebranding. Step two, offer even better shopping experiences to domestic and international guests.

 – In the entire VIA Outlets portfolio all centres are branded as fashion outlet, combined with biggest nearby metropole, so it was obvious that the same would happen to this centre. That’s why we are very proud to announce that going forward the centre will be named Oslo Fashion Outlet. Fashion, in this case, also emphasizes our constellation of popular brands and our ambition to attract new business, says Lars Pedersen, the newly appointed Centre Manager at Oslo Fashion Outlet.

Pedersen seeks to bring even more international fashion and lifestyle brands to complement the variety of stores that already exists at the outlet, such as Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Nike to name a few.

Strengthening the outlets position as a tourist destination

Developing outlet centres as tourist destinations is one of VIA Outlets’ main strengths. By setting up collaborations with key tourism partners near the outlet, VIA Outlets has proven that it can attract more domestic and international tourist to their centres. Not only will the outlet itself benefit from this success, it will also spark the local economy. Pedersen looks forward to work closely with the municipality, local businesses and the people in Vestby.

– In recent years we have seen a rapid increase in tourists visiting our outlet. There is no doubt that we have become a tourist destination. To give our domestic and international guest an even better experience we recently opened a new Tourist Information Centre, where all kinds of information about the centre and the region can be asked, says the new outlet manager.

Continuous improvement of services and overall experience

Just as the recent opening of the Tourist Information Centre, the Oslo Fashion Outlet management team strives to improve continuously the overall guest experience in the centre. Besides the hire of Lars Pedersen, the new centre manager, the retail team was also enlarged to give a better service to the brand partners. Also, a new loyalty program, the Oslo Fashion Club, will be launched soon to reward the most loyal guests.

– Almost everything is already in place, well-known brands and a good variety of dining places. Something that makes the shopping experience even more complete. Our job is now to make sure to further develop our offerings, and with ten other outlets under the VIA Outlets umbrella across Europe, we have a unique possibility to create synergies between us and learn from each other to grow even further, Pedersen concludes.

Oslo Fashion Outlet will be inaugurated on Friday, August 31st at 14.00 Vestby’s own major, Tom Anders Ludvigsen, will be there to cut the ribbon.